Dreamy Diary!
Fanfics Chapter 3
Chapter 3

After we arrived , you ask all of them to go inside . As we go inside , the press conference is about to start and they have to go to the stage immediately . 3.15 o'clock , the press conference stop for a break . So , Nathan walk towards you and sit besides you to say " Thanks because you've saved my day " and you reply " My pleasure , I think you gonna look cuter when you wear a cap * while giving him a cap * " ,  Nathan reply " Wowwh , I accept that as a praise * while laugh at you and take that cap * " . You say " Nath , I think you should go now , the press conference is about to start  " . About 2 hours later , the press conference is over .  

The 5 boys walk towards you and Max asks " I'm hungry , anyone wanna go to eat with me ? " and all of you pick up your hands together . * In the car * . Max tells you about his obsession with ears and etc . Suddenly , the OBSESSION topic turn to LOVE topic . Max said " I'm engaged with Michelle " , Tom continue that sentence with " I'm with Kelsey " and Siva said " I'm dating with my beautiful Nareesha " . Max look at Nathan and ask him " What about you , Nath ? " . Nathan look at you and he gives the answer " Errmm well , she's always near to me but I don't know how to express my feelings towards her  *  looking at you while smiling "  . You didn't hear that conversation cos' you've sleep * your head move to his shoulder *. When all of you arrived , Nathan grips your hand softly and says " Hey , wake up . We're arrived " and you wake up from your sleep . * Entered the restaurant, 6.45pm * . As we're entered the restaurant , we choose a large table and also ordered 2 large pizzas/a bowl of salads and 6 oranges juices . When the foods are ready , we eat it together ! All of you take picture together .

10.45 p.m , all of you home now ! You're so tired so, you sit on the sofa for a while and then you see Jay . When Jay about to sit next to you , out of the blue Nathan comes and push Jay away just to sit beside you . Nathan says " Today is the best day ever ! " , Jay answered " Yes , it is " . *AFTER  EVERYBODY TOOK THEIR SHOWER * . All of you gonna watch a horror movie on your TV in the living  room . Everyone already took their place . Kelsey with Tom , Max with Michelle , Nareesha with Siva and Nathan with you .

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Hi . I'm I.S . I'm a fanficer and I made a fanfic for TWFanmily only . Long Live The Wanted !

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