Dreamy Diary!
Fanfics Chapter 1
Chapter 1

One day , you go to The Wanted's Concert . You've bought a VVIP tivket so , you sit on the first row . After they finish to sing , suddenly ,Siva says " Nath , you must choose a girl that you wanna kiss". You see Nathan comes towards you and he kiss your cheek softly . You like OMG !! . Then , your friend invites you to see The Wanted at the fan meeting  session at their hotel , so you said " Okay " and you go to the fan meeting session . You take a few pictures with The Wanted and you take many pics with Nathan . You didn't notice that your shoelace is being tasselled . Suddenly , you've stepped on your shoelace and you about to fall but there's someone that hold your body to prevent you from fall on the floor . You turn your head around and you see Nathan Sykes ! You say " It's okay , I can get up now " and he let you go . He advise you while touch your chin " You should be careful and always tight you shoelace on " . You smile and walk away from that place . While you walk away , Nathan says to you " Wait !  if you don't mind , can I meet with you again ? " . You reply " Maybe someday " *smile back*

A  few months later , you walk out of your college . Out of the blue , you see a banner sounds like tihs " THE WANTED NEEDS A NEW MANAGER FOR THEIR GROUP . IF YOU INTERESTED WITH IT , COME TO THE M.A.M OFFICE AT 2.45 P.M." . You just finished sat for your exam so , you wanna do a temporarily job while waiting for your examination results . On 2.45 p.m. , you come to M.A.M OFFICE to apply for that position . After you fill the form , the clerk tells you that you have to wait for another 2 weeks to know whether you get that position or not . So , you reply okay .

Two weeks later , you got a letter from M.A.M OFFICE and you got the position . They gave you THE WANTED 's house address ,and  a ticket to fly to London . Then , you pack all of your stuffs to get ready for the flight , you go to the airport and you fly to London .  The journey takes about 3 hours and you've arrived in London . Then , you take a cab to go to The Wanted's Condo . After the cab stop at the in front of the Condo , you press the bell button and suddenly , you see  Nathan opens the door for you . Then , he says " Are you the new manager ? " and you says " Yeah " . *he welcome you to come into the house* . Nathan introduces you to Max , Tom , Jay and Siva .  They gives you their routine schedule to you . They also show you , your new room ( next to Nathan's room :D) . 

Next day , on 8.00 a.m , you have to wake the boys up  and force them to take their early bath in the morning . First , Nathan . Once you step in his room , you see he lying on his bed SHIRTLESS and you don't know how to wake him up ! Then , you make a decision to do this " Good morning , Nathan . Get up and take your bath. *while opening the curtains* "  and you can see he starts to move his body . You help him to get up by pulling his hands and he also replied " Morning too *while smiling* " . Second , JiVa . While you walking to their room , you hear a noisy sound from that room  and you enter that room . You see two men lying in a one blanket while watching TV . You just smile and ask them to take their bath . The two last boys , ToMax . Their room is empty ( Tom is in the bathroom and Max is taking his breakfast downstairs ) . You and The WANTED are having breakfast together while jogging . You just walk with Nathan around the park while Tom , Max , Siva and Jay walk together . While you walk with Nathan , you have a little chat with him. He takes your pic with his phone and you do the same thing . Siva , Jay , Tom and Max feel weird cos' you just met with Nathan but you're so close with him . About 10 a.m , all of you going home . In the car , Max asks Nathan " You seem so close with her , she's your girlfriend ? " and Nathan reply " No , she's not my girlfriend and FYI , we met at our concert few months ago " . A few minutes later , all of you arrived at your house . As you step in that house , you go to your room and you bring all of your homework to the balcony . Suddenly , there's someone from the back close your eyes and you say " Nathan ! I know its you " . He let your eyes open and he asks you " What are you doing ? Homework ? " , you reply " Urrmm , yupp " . Now , you're doing your Mathematic homework and you don't understand the question . So , you ask for Nathan's helps and he teach you well . While you studying with Nathan , Max and 3 others cute boys capture a pic of you and Nathan . Then , they post it on Twitter . 

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Hi . I'm I.S . I'm a fanficer and I made a fanfic for TWFanmily only . Long Live The Wanted !

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